We are facing a behavioral health crisis. One in four members of our community has grappled with a mental health issue—translating to over 375,000 lives. Meanwhile, behavioral health care facilities are in short supply. The situation is dire, but here’s the good news: we can see our behavioral health patients through to wellness and recovery, together. We invite you to learn how.

The comprehensive understanding and personal treatment involved in behavioral health cannot be adequately addressed by a “one size fits all” approach. In order to better represent the nuances of behavioral health treatment across the wide spectrum of mental health conditions, we have segmented this virtual experience into four unique perspectives: Disease, Behavioral, Dimensional, and Life Story.


The cause of a patient’s troubles is understood as a result of physical & observable changes in the brain.


An individual’s psychological drives, partly shaped by conditioned learning, influence the choice of whether or not to engage in a particular behavior.


There is a natural distribution of both physical & psychological factors that could predispose a person to certain mental health outcomes.


Individuals who experience psychiatric conditions caused by traumatic experiences or life events.